Katri Saarikivi shows that science is humans embracing mystery

The first CreativeMornings/Helsinki talk of 2017 was a truly inspiring journey to scientific thinking. Researcher Katri Saarikivi challenged us all to think like scientists – and to believe that we all indeed are scientists.

About the speaker

“How to study the unknown? Is there room for miracles in science?”

Empathy and the internet don’t always walk hand in hand. The NEMO project studies how to enrich the emotional side of the digital word to allow more empathy and natural interaction. NEMO stands for Natural emotionality in digital interaction. Katri Saarikivi leads the project at the Cognitive Brain Research Unit at the University of Helsinki. The project combines specialists from neuroscience, gaming, psychology, virtual & augmented reality and media.

Katri takes us on a MYSTERY tour form the science perspective: studying the unknown and building reliable knowledge.

-I’m motivated by difficult things and solving problems. What is knowledge? Is there room for miracles in science?

Photo: Markku Verkasalo

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This kind of system of approaching mystery with the scientific method, creating more mystery with the scientific method and helping mysterious things take form with the scientific method is what takes humanity forward. — Katri Saarikivi

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