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Writer and baker, Katie Boyts is originally from Fort Worth, Texas but has made a tour of the US over the last several years. She landed in Baltimore in 2013 and has worn more than a few hats in her tenure here: Pastry chef, freelance baker and writer, CreativeMornings Baltimore founding organizer, and project development for Shine Creative. Katie also partners with photographer Chris Attenborough on ‘Not So Starving Artists,’ series for BmoreArt.com.

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Conversations inform culture. Conversations shift culture. And culture shifts the world. I don't think culture is a static thing, I don't think it's a fixed thing, and I don't think it's something that just happens to us. I think that we create, or we help create, or we inform, and then we take with us. — Katie Boyts

If we can accept the fundamental nature of time, if we can make it our friend and not our enemy, then I think that we can make better work. Or, at least, we can become better friends with ourselves and become more sane. — Katie Boyts

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