Embrace the Ugly Truth

Kate & Lucy describe how an ugly moment of truth lead them to develop a startup dedicated to honest feedback: Sooth. At the time of the talk, their app was in beta and Kate describes how her background in social psychology has led to eye-opening discoveries around ugly truths and the human condition.

About the speaker

…Lucy approached Kate after a particularly horrid experience giving honest advice to a friend. Kate, a social psychologist, validated her experience and analyzed why it happened. They feverishly began dreaming up ways it could have been better. As they reached the summit of their epic walk in Austin, they gave each other a knowing look: advice was broken and they had no choice but to solve it…

Kate Niederhoffer and Lucy Price are co-founders of Sooth, a mobile platform for honest advice.

Even before she got her Ph.D. in social psychology, or was introduced to the art and science of survey from the finest at Nielsen, Kate has always polled friends when faced with a situation. Kate is an expert in bridging business and psychology with specialty in text analysis, social intelligence technologies. She is the founder of Knowable Research, was a founding member of Dachis Group (now Sprinklr), and attributes her inspiration for starting up over and over to the first and finest one she was a part of, BuzzMetrics. Kate has a gaggle of children (4 boys), played ice hockey in college, is an excellent parallel parker, and loves to drink tea.

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