Kat Kinsella, Finding Courage: using significant life experiences for positive change

March 20, 8:30am - 10:00am +04. Hosted at NEST co-working space

part of a series on Courage

About the speaker

Who is Kat?

As a researcher, lecturer, coach, and parent, Kat Kinsella is fascinated with how our stories impact our lives for the better. Kat brings a blend of positive psychology and research approaches for everyone at CreativeMornings to access our own inner strength to our creative lives and beyond.

What’s your story?

When a creative block strikes or an overwhelming fear manifests, which of your life stories dominate your thoughts?

Maybe a list of horrendous failures that eat away at you come to mind or is it heart-strengthening triumphs, small or large, quiet or loud, that help you take that next step?

From time to time, accessing our inner lion and quieting the brain-monkeys may take a little work. If a little work is needed, come to this month’s CreativeMornings where we are going to not only talk but actually help you form a plan for finding Courage.

We will explore our pathways to today and it’s power over us. Using a blend of positive psychology and other approaches, let’s move towards breaking the blocks to our creativity and beyond.

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Great coffee and snacks, FREE parking valet or self, use of NEST for the day!