[Disclaimer: Video temporary unavailable, it will be online soon again.] Without compassion the world as we know it would collapse. There would be only injustice, conflicts, poverty and discrimination.

Having sympathy is to understand what the other person is going through. Empathy is the ability to feel what the other person is experiencing as it were you in their place, and compassion is to take an active role supporting the one who is suffering hence the Latin word for it; Compati: co-suffering.

About the speaker

COMPASSION with Kaari Mattila, Secretary-General of the Finnish League for Human Rights.

Kaari Mattila believes that compassionate listening and curiosity change the world. Minorities and others who are discriminated against benefit from compassion, not from pity.

Creating a fairer country and world by dissolving the power structures in societies and between people fascinates Mattila endlessly.

Kaari Mattila, Secretary-General of the Finnish League for Human Rights has been an advocate for social justice for 25 years. Mattila has worked as an expert in various NGOs and also for the Finnish Foreign Ministry, and as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Helsinki.

Photo: Susanna Kosonen

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