Justice with Jimmy Patch

August 23, 7:30am - 9:00am AEST. Hosted at CUPO

part of a series on Justice

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Jimmy Patch is a multidisciplinary visual communicator, focussing strongly on the art of storytelling through illustration and animation. The world of live graphic recording was thrown upon Jimmy in the early 2010’s when he discovered this format of visual note taking and he instantly developed an keen interest in it.

After pursuing a career in music and engaging in a variety of odd jobs in different industries, this journey of discovery reignited his interest of a serious career in illustration. From that point, Jimmy has built a thriving business that offers live graphic recording, bespoke illustration, unique animation, professional development workshops and creative conceptualising. Jimmy works around the world, in many countries for a broad range of clients ranging from corporate heavyweights like ARUP and PwC to boutique organisations like The Story Boxes and West Village. In the time between working on engaging projects ranging from music videos to infographics for clients, Jimmy is constantly learning and researching ways to tell new stories.

In 2016, Jimmy began developing his own graphic novel with a fellow writer Georgia Harrison, this work ‘Le Récit: Seven Fathers’, and the larger unfinished work, ‘Le Récit: The Voyage of the Orlova’ have become part of a bigger universe of stories and characters. He has also created comic shorts, ‘Pin’, and ‘Broken’, launched via Instagram. His illustrations have been featured in exhibitions in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and have found themselves in a US based zine called Zarts. Jimmy has been engaged by comedy duo Hamish and Andy to design a band t-shirt for their tour in 2018 and has produced a collaborative music video for Osaka based musician Satsuki Minoda. Jimmy has also recently joined the newly formed committee of Graphic Recorders Australia.

You’ll find Jimmy living in Brisbane close to the river, reading a gothic western or graphic novel, drinking a single malt whiskey after sketching bizarre creatures and unique characters, whilst relishing the company of his incredible wife Casey and legendary son Theodore.


Justice can be a path to healing in fractured times.

When we envision moments related to justice, we often think of suits, a gavel hitting the surface of a desk, or people marching in the streets. Change happens when enough people raise their hands to work together.

Author Omid Safi wrote, “Justice is love, embodied. We cannot speak of love without linking it to justice, nor of justice unless it is permeated by love.” Justice is restorative when empathetic and innovative solutions are brought to the forefront.

Through generous listening, we all hold the ability to form moments where people can feel safe, strong, and at ease.

Our Bratislava chapter chose this month’s exploration of Justice and Simona Cechova illustrated the theme.


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