Intimacy is the sexiest thing in the world, but being intimate with yourself is where it starts.

From trauma to self-discovery to successful business owner, Matie Fricker now lives her dream and found her calling. She started Self Serve, not because she thought owning a sex store would be fun, but because she was unhappy with her body and sexuality, and knew that others were struggling with these same issues. Now, she helps people who are nervous, scared, fearful and uncomfortable about sex and their bodies find balance and have a happier healthier sex life. Through her work she has learned how to love the body you are in, have compassion for those around you and most importantly be truthful with yourself. If you are ready for some trauma, some inappropriate self-disclosure, some humor and some swearing join us in a wild ride following Matie’s journey to self-love.

About the speaker

What can you learn about love and sex after owning a Sex shop for nearly a decade? Matie Fricker tells us the messy story that helped her find her calling.

Matie Fricker is a smut peddling sweetheart with a deep love for the odd and tender. She owns Albuquerque’s best sex shop, Self Serve Toys. Self Serve is a shiny bubble of love and safety for those seeking pleasure and joy in their lives. One of her proudest accomplishments was causing Rush Limbaugh to say “female orgasm” on-air multiple times. Matie has been awarded the 2008 Tough Cookie Award from the National Association for Women Business Owners, Best Sexy Shop in ABQ’s Alibi Weekly Newspaper for 8 years and Albuquerque Pride’s Outstanding Retail Store Award.

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