Creating your own definition of “self” and walking in your purpose

Who does the world say you are? Who do you say you are? Who do you long to be? Visual artist Julia Bottoms explores these questions and her own search for answers as a woman of color in this talk. In a world that looks to categorize and simplify people, context remains a key element in connecting us to our purpose, our identity, and to one another. Learn the power of exploring the stories that surround each of us and how those stories shape our existence.

About the speaker

Julia Bottoms-Douglas received her masters in Multidisciplinary Fine Arts Studies from the University at Buffalo. She has been featured three times as an artist with Afropunk Media and has led workshops with the Buffalo Arts Teachers Collaborative. Her work as an artist has been shown in galleries such as Buffalo Arts Studio and most recently on Michigan Avenue in Buffalo, NY as part of “The Freedom Wall”. She seeks to shine a spotlight on people of color and tell the truth about who they are.

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All of those things that society would tell me, out of context, are a hindrance and are a negative thing–are the very things that shape me and make me who I am, and the very things that I would never want to change about myself. — Julia Bottoms-Douglas

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