Always 2D Animator/Artist, Sometimes Illustrator, Loyal Habs Fan (even though they keep breaking my heart).

Animation, Storytelling, Hitchcock movies, Steinbeck novels, Moby Dick, True Crime, Baking scones, Balkan history, how to read topo maps.

Limited color palettes (that are fun!) and not going overboard with ALL THE COLORS.

Don't be so desperate.

Tove Jansson for the unapologetic way in which she lived her life. She threw herself into all her work, whether it was painting, the Moomin books and strips, her writing, plays and set design, and knew when to walk away. I often look to how she stopped working on the Moomin strips because it reached a point where it took more out of her than it gave in return- how it's so important to set something aside before you come to hate it. By not adhering to what the culture said a woman should be she found a niche that was just right for her, which is something I hope to find for myself. Also she had a tiny house on an island, which is pretty close to perfection.

Finding a way to stress out about anything.

Ridge runner/trail maintenance

Simpsons quotes ... like entire exchanges from episodes. (It comes in handy when you've been in the backcountry for weeks at a time.)

How to pack as much as possible into a bear vault so you don't get eaten at night.

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