John Cagan speaks on the global theme of reuse.

Josh Cagan gives a brief talk on the imporance of resuing ‘good’ feelings to get you through hard times.

About the speaker

Josh A. Cagan enjoys his wife, his couch, and any movie with “Switchblade” in the title. His 2009 movie BANDSLAM didn’t have the word “Switchblade” in the title, but he and 90% of the top critics on Rotten Tomatoes enjoyed it anyway. He was the head writer and the voice of various nerds on MTV’s animated series UNDERGRADS, and if you’re one of the 16 people that means anything to, that’s a pretty big deal, right?

More recently, he was the co-creator and head writer of Geek & Sundry’s exploding-puppet musical series LEARNINGTOWN, and co-creator and co-writer of YOMYOMF’s upcoming, decidedly un-sexy JON DAVIS GETS A SEX ROBOT. He is also the host of Mule Radio Network’s LIKE I’M AN IDIOT. He lives in Los Angeles (or as he tells people in San Francisco, “Vancouver”) with his wife and their stuffed animals, all of whom have different voices and catchphrases. Nothing weird about that.

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