Learn how legup.social makes the digital industry accessible to small businesses, charities and social enterprises

Jon joined us to talk about the motivations for setting up legup.social, what they have learnt along the way and their plans for the future.

About the speaker

Jon is a co-founder of Paper and legup.social and has been delivering digital projects for over 14 years, although he’s not one to brag.

He’s naturally empathetic and prioritises the people who he works with day to day while maintaining professionalism and dedication in all the work he does. Wellbeing is very important to him, so this tends to shine through in everything he does.

Equipping people with cups of tea and space to do their work Jon has led the delivery of new services for the Department for Education, products for charities including Sign Health, and research for The Co-op to name just a few recent projects.

As well as being a co-founder and Director for Paper (a research and design studio in Sheffield) he is also Co-founder / Organiser / Mentor of legup.social (a free-to-attend digital mentoring event in Sheffield and Manchester).

If you’re interested in his hobbies he’s an outdoorsy person who draws inspiration from microadventurer Alastair Humphreys and if he was honest, would prefer to live outdoors than indoors.

Written by Mark Goddard and Cam Spilman (friends and co-founders of Paper and legup)

Jon will be talking about legup.social, a mentoring event that helps small business, charities and social enterprises with any challenges they’re facing that are loosely connected with digital. Since 2017 legup.social has helped over 120 people get access to expert mentoring and support. It’s a completely free-to-attend event, always has been, always will be.

Jon will be talking through the ins and outs of running a mentoring event along with stories from some of the people it’s helped.

legup.social is always looking for people to help, or offer help, so if it sounds interesting, Jon will talk about ways you can get involved.

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