John Connell speaks on navigating dream with sound, light and space.

About the speaker

John Connell is a sound designer and artistic director of 4DSOUND, a collective exploring spatial sound as a medium. His work explores questions of consciousness raised by meditative disciplines and philosophy of mind. A central focus of this is listening as a practice in itself: how our ability to listen opens up new levels of awareness about ‘space’, both external and internal.

With 4DSOUND, he has concepted and curated a series of showcases exploring the relationship between sound and space, such as the Circadian program premiered at TodaysArt 2015, and Techno Is Space, working with techno artists to deconstruct the psycho-acoustic character of experimental club music.

One of his current projects is Noqturnl, a collaboration with installation artist Florence To. Hosted at 4DSOUND’s spatial sound facility in Budapest, Noqturnl is a rare communal experience inside the imaginative potential of our individual and shared dreams. Guiding the audience into a state that drifts between waking and sleeping, Connell and To create a series of spatial ’rooms’ with subtle patterns of light and sonic textures that evolve throughout the six or seven-hour live performance.

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