I'm the owner of Alma Perissinotti Visual Arts & Photography. Im an expert artist who works as an Illustrator, Photographer, Graphic Designer and Audio-visual Designer. I have a BA in Fine Arts at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC) in Argentina. Thanks to having a strong background on graphic mediums I can understand very quickly how to communicate an idea visually to get the impact required on a targeted audience.

As a photographer and video maker creator I've been working mostly on social gatherings, mostly at Weddings. Im a destination Photographer and I have travelled all over Ireland, Argentina, Malta, Portugal, Belgium, France and Italy on the last 5 years. I also do lifestyle portraits and sometimes fashion photography.

At the moment I'm based in The Netherlands but I do travel when I can to my homeland Argentina. Being a freelancer gives me the flexibility to be able to move and work of what I love doing.

If you are interested on seeing more of my work please drop me a line at:

http://www.almaperissinotti.com almaperissinotti@gmail.com

Thanks for reading! I look forward to working with you :)

This is a difficult one as I like to learn as much as i can and i have a wide knowledge in diverse topics but I would say after 6 years of studying Fine Arts, I suppose I know a lot about arts and culture.

My dutch and to get to know more creatives and artists around town.

To never stop being curious and to never give up. To keep the mind thirsty of new experiences.

One of the main artistic inspirations is Bjork. I would say she is a true artist by doing what she genuinely feels. I really admire how she translates nature through her voice and vision.

Mastering handstands and Hiking in The Andes.


The tree names where i grew up in the mountains.

How to stimulate their creative selves.


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