Jocelyn Rice - Learning to See: Widening the Creative Path

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Jocelyn Rice (she/her)

Parent, ceremonial designer and outdoor futurist Jocelyn Rice is a visionary creative force and an award-winning apparel designer. She is the founder and CEO of @BLACKEARTHUNITED and creator of The Through Line conference. Rice is also a contributor to the “We Design” exhibition, was a 2017 Ski Magazine Gear of the Year award winner, and in 2021 joined the board of Built Oregon.

Raven Pearce is a 17-year-old senior whose drive and motivation lie in architecture, and its potential to shape the environment. From the time she was little, she’s always loved to build. Raven made paper crossbows and folded origami cranes, built small wooden boxes, and spent a whole summer hammering a shed together with her father. While her love for creating things has always been expressed through a hands-on approach, she finds joy in planning projects before tackling them in real life.

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The Agenda

1. Live music with Yawa (she/her)

2. Speaker Raven Pearce (she/her)

3. Speaker Jocelyn Rice (she/her)
“I believe my purpose is to really diverge from the traditional narrative of what/who an "Outdoor Designer” is. My field of design is so narrowly defined, and if something is narrowly defined humans can remove themselves from it and that’s a big problem. How many individuals haven’t considered themselves a designer or creative because they never saw themselves as a part of the narrative? When people can see and think differently, we can open up pathways in the world we never believed existed!“

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