Hanna Carter is a graphic designer and illustrator. She freelances with agencies like Fish Marketing to design ads, print materials, and all kinds of other things. She also draws things about food for the LA Times and is the illustrator for a series of children's books about tools with Marshalltown Company. In her spare time, she writes and draws restaurant reviews for Miss Fork, and occasionally posts goofy dance videos in her Instagram story.

She grew up in Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2016.

Hanna has worked on advertisements, editorial illustrations, book covers, animation, comics, children's books, brand merch, production design, and exhibits her artwork in galleries.

dogs and drawing

"Take things one step at a time." -- my dad

My little brother -- he is entirely and fully himself while also being kind and understanding to everyone around him, even if they disagree with him.

A librarian? Maybe?

How to use paragraph styles in InDesign.

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