Jessica Jackley speaks on the value of money, as a means to an end.

We were honored to have Jessica Jackley join us in DUMBO for our February theme, “Money.” She speaks on the value of money, giving a brief history of the tender itself all the way down to the role it plays in our daily lives. Money, itself, has no inherent value she shares with the NewYork audience. It’s what you do with it that matters.

About the speaker

Jessica is a social entrepreneur focused on creating innovative ways for other entrepreneurs to access the resources they need to succeed, including not just capital but the engagement of robust, supportive communities.

Earlier in her career, Jessica was a Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer of Kiva, the world’s first p2p microlending website. Kiva lets internet users lend as little as $25 to individual entrepreneurs, providing affordable capital to help them start or expand a small business. Kiva has been one of the fastest-growing social benefit websites in history and since its founding in October 2005 has facilitated nearly $300M in loans among individuals across 216 countries.

Jessica was also a Cofounder and CEO of ProFounder, a pioneering crowdfunding platform providing tools for small business entrepreneurs in the U.S. to access start-up capital and harness community involvement. In February 2012, ProFounder joined forces with GOOD to create new tools and experiences for their community of creators and Jessica became GOOD’s first Entrepreneur in Residence.

Jessica currently serves as a Venture Partner with the Collaborative Fund, focused on investing in creative entrepreneurs who want to change the world through emerging technologies. She is also a Visiting Practitioner at Stanford University’s Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society.

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