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Jessamyn Stanley is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, award-winning Instagram personality (@mynameisjessamyn), and body-positivity advocate. She has been profiled by a wide range of media, including Good Morning America, TIME, New York, Glamour, Shape, People, Essence, Lenny Letter, and many others. When she’s not on the road teaching, she lives in Durham, North Carolina.

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So often we want to look for the answer outside of ourselves. We hope that we can buy something or someone will tell us something that is going to be the magic words that we need to hear in order to be self-satisfied. But all of that is going to come from within ourselves and it all starts with the intention to be ourselves. — Jessamyn Stanley

What I didn't realize is that every human being is dealing with so much emotional distress at all times. Every single one of us is carrying a story that is layered and has wounds that are often gaping open. And yoga, as a practice, allows us to be able to accept those wounds, to be able to see and love the trauma, to be able to sit in a space of compassion within the self so that we can then reflect that compassion to others. — Jessamyn Stanley

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