When you create something, you’re putting a piece of yourself in it.

Art therapist Jess Kimmel walks us through the process of “mark making” in dealing with anxiety and other issues.

About the speaker

Jess Kimmel, MSAT, LLPC is an art therapist and visual artist in Grand Rapids. She received her Master’s degree in Art Therapy and Counseling from Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, and her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Studio Art, and Women & Gender Studies at Grand Valley State University. Currently, Jess works in addiction treatment. Her clinical practice focuses on trauma, self-worth, and women’s issues. Her therapeutic approach has been heavily influenced by Dr. Bruce Moon. Jess has worked closely with the following organizations: Hope Network, Family Futures, Gerald R. Ford Job Corps, Salvation Army Teen Parent Program, and Artists Creating Together.

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    Great talk, I found myself nodding in agreement with many parts of your talk. Thank you!

    Marjorie Castro