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Packaging, Posters, Logos, Magazines: Graphic design is a ubiquitous and self-evident part of our present. But how did this field come about? With the book “Pioneers of german graphic design "published by Callisto Publishers, Jens Müller goes in search of the origins of design professionalism. In his presentation, he introduces some of the pioneers with their groundbreaking innovations, whose impact reaches into today’s practice.

Jens Müllers works - including special stamps for Deutsche Post - have received numerous national and international awards. In addition to his work as a designer, he researches the history of graphic design and is the author of much respected textbooks, including "Lufthansa & Graphic Design” (Lars Müller, 2012), “Logo Modernism” (Taschen, 2015), or most recently the two-volume work “The History of Graphic Design ”, which traces the development of design history in a worldwide context on almost 1000 pages. Jens Müller studied communication design at the University of Düsseldorf.

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