A protocol for prototyping an experimental/feminine business.

“The experimental feminine is all that is not business as usual and vice versa.” — Joan Retallack

What does it look like to embody feminine principles in business? In art? Why does it matter—what’s at stake? What does gender have to do with business? What does business have to do with art? What does capitalism have to do with nature? And what is an economy, anyhow? Can a business be feminist? Why would it want to? Where is money in all of this? Armbrust’s Creative Mornings talk posits a protocol for prototyping an experimental/feminine business.

About the speaker

Jennifer Armbrust is an artist and advisor living in Portland and California. She is the principal of Armbrust & Co, a creative consultancy where she advises artists and creative entrepreneurs, and produces conceptual projects. She writes about feminism, creative process, economics and their collisions and leads workshops on values, visioning and professional practices. The owner and director of Motel (an art gallery in Portland’s Chinatown 2002-07), founder emeritus of PORT, and former principal of a small interactive studio, Armbrust has long been interested in the intersections of business and art and more recently, business as art.

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