At one point, Jen Go thought she was too cool for Christmas. So, how did she end up planning a two-month long holiday event for all the enjoy – while really enjoying it herself?

“Life is fuller and richer when we encounter creativity and design,” says Omaha’s Jen Go. We couldn’t agree more and as such, have to send a big “thanks” to Jen for giving lots of people the gift of fuller, richer lives over the holidays. Settle in for an inside glimpse at how she coordinated almost two dozen artists, 17 different businesses and a whole lot of creative energy to bring one of Omaha’s holiday traditions back to life.

About the speaker

Jen Go is a benevolent weirdo who brings order to chaos and joy to strangers. Jen was born and raised in Omaha and educated at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She graduated at the height of the recession and returned to her home city for what she intended to be temporary employment. A decade later, Jen is the store manager and special projects coordinator for The Afternoon, a small family-owned boutique. She lives in midtown Omaha with her spouse and two cats.

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“Honestly, the entire topic of public art is a ‘soapbox territory’ for me. As far as I’m concerned, more art should be accessible; more art should encourage us to participate in our communities; more art should bring people unexpected joy.” — Jen Go

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