Jelio, Pavel and Georgi

May 26, 8:30am - 10:00am EEST. Hosted at Галерия Академия, НХА (National Academy of Arts)

part of a series on Serendipity

About the speaker

Four Plus is a Sofia-based design studio, which was founded nearly nine years ago and started off as a seemingly “accidental” meeting of graffiti artists. Today the studio specializes in motion design and branding, after in 2009. This way, they decide to work on projects they like, they surround themselves with like-minded people and start growing optimistically and rather stable.

Currently, their team comes down to 15 people and one (half) dog. They work with clients from all around the world, travel and constantly seek to develop new skills, which gives them the confidence that running a business in Bulgaria is quite a good idea.

At our breakfast, the guys will tell us more about who they are, what they do, and how they got here. They will discuss possible answers to questions such as whether our actions define our path, and which actions cause destiny to be on our side. And because the serious daily creative process almost never relies on inspiration, our speakers will give us examples of how to look for those happy occurrences of good ideas by getting out of our own boxes and keeping the balance between team and individual work.

During the breakfast, and as fit to this aspect of art which lies most on their hearts, there will be live improvisations out in the open. The surprise is worth your presence.

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