A reformed marketer, Evelyn has decided to carve a path out for herself in fiction writing. She is currently attending several artist residencies in Europe to gain a better sense of communities, using every bit of information in her writing. Though overseas, she misses the Vancouver community but has had the privilege of attending a CreativeMornings event in Sofia.

The Simpsons - but only the good seasons (1-9). (I'm blessed with quote knowledge from Homer and Ralph).

Asking for help. Being afraid of appearing stupid.

Just write. You don't have to use the first draft.

I admire anyone who has failed constantly and continues to get up and keep going. It takes a really strong person to do that.

By day, I inspire people to take risks in their lives. By night, I morph into an introvert who cozies with a big blanket, a cup of tea, and a great book on my e-reader.

My fiction writing. Oh sh*t! I need a new backup career!!

Dancing. Music has always been a part of my soul and when I hear it, my feet start moving. It's almost like someone is using me as a puppet...

I would teach them to fall down in their life as much as possible. It's scary at first but eventually, our brains will learn it's not such a big deal.

Exploding head man.

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