On how curiosity led her to blogging, a career she loves, and leading a more sustainable life.

Jane Cook is a content marketer from Cardiff and the woman behind HungryCityHippy, a Cardiff-based food and travel blog about enjoying everything that life has to offer, sustainably. Jane discusses how curiosity led her to blogging, helped her carve out a career she loves – and why single-use coffee cups incur her wrath.

About the speaker

This month’s speaker is Jane Cook, a content marketer from Cardiff better known by her blogging pseudonym, HungryCityHippy.

Jane’s blog of the same name was founded in 2014 and is now one of the most established food blogs in Cardiff. As well as featuring lots of mouth-watering restaurant news and reviews, Jane’s blog explores the simple ways that people can become more environmentally friendly in their day to day lives.

In 2014, Jane’s blog picked up two Wales Blog Awards, and in 2017, it was highly commended by the WWF.

On the rare occasions when Jane is not working, eating, or editing a blog post, you’ll find her trying to burn off some calories with long walks in Wales’ wild spaces. Either that, or angrily tweeting about single-use coffee cups.

This month’s theme is curiosity and Jane will be talking about how curiosity led her to take up blogging in the first place, which helped her carve out a career she loves. Jane will also talk about how being curious about the world can lead us to live more sustainable lives.

You can follow HungryCityHippy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @HungryCityHippy. www.hungrycityhippy.co.uk

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