Jana Kinsman

Hosted at Savage Smyth

part of a series on Death

About the speaker

Jana Kinsman is a beekeeper and illustrator living in Chicago, IL. She grew up in the suburbs but loved nature from a young age, treasuring visits to the nearby marsh and her grandparent’s house along the Rock River. Though she attended college for graphic design and worked in the corporate world for a few years, she eventually fell back in love with the natural world. After taking a beekeeping class with the Chicago Honey Co-op, Jana pursued a gig helping a beekeeper in Eugene, OR where she learned the hands-on aspects of beekeeping. A few months after returning to Chicago, she started Bike a Bee, an urban beekeeping project that places beehives in community gardens and greenspaces, tending them all by bicycle. She has since been beekeeping for 5 years, enjoys teaching and collaborating, and believes beekeeping is best when it’s shared with the community. When she isn’t keeping bees, she’s traveling by train or bike to nature-filled destinations, or sending emails and petting her roommate’s dog.

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