I'm a web designer by day and a hand letterer and knitter by night. On a given evening in January, you can find me parked on the sofa, knitting, drinking a glass of red wine and watching Rory make poor life decisions.

Knitting and The Walking Dead

Remembering to take breaks.

Tell people about your projects. It keeps you accountable.

I have a ton of admiration for my best friend, Karli Johnson. She's a speaker and educator on sexual assault and power-based violence. She travels to schools all over the country for speaking gigs while simultaneously working on getting her masters degree. That woman is a boss.

I can whistle with my fingers. I have a success rate of about 78%. Does that count?

Event planning. I'm a planner by nature.

I remember to brush my teeth. Everything else is liable to be forgotten at some point. To-do lists are wonderful things.

How to cast on, knit and purl stitch, and how to bind off.