I'm a corporate-social Event Designer who enjoys the thrill of transforming a space. With a hint of flavor, I create my clients' vision and develop their individual style.

the Harry Potter Universe, John Williams movie scores, and Filipino-American history.

seeking positive mentors in social enterprise. Could that be you?

If it doesn’t exist, create it.

Michelle Obama. FLOTUS has style. She's a profound speaker, kicks down barriers, and tackles the challenges of education, health, and poverty awareness. She's a local shero and an inspiration for us all.

In a room full of strangers, I know how to break the ice.

A sustainable fashion designer/urban agriculturalist most definitely. I love ethical and eco design.

To say thank you.

Fashion = 5% function, 5% style, 10% fit, and the rest is all confidence. Case in point? Take a look at my friend Napoleon here. What do you do? "Vote for Pedro" = neatly centered on his shirt. The fit = just right. And he's got, "canned heat in his heels tonight, baby."


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