Chef James Roberts delves into the magic of sharing your craft.

Bringing the bayou to Buffalo, James Roberts of Toutant shares his path learning the magic behind making and sharing food, starting at the age of 14. The leaps of faith he took to create not just a celebrated restaurant, but a center of education, a place of potions, and a transformative experience remind us that, “You can’t do it alone.”

About the speaker

James Roberts was raised amidst Louisiana’s coastal shrimping and fishing community, and began cooking in restaurants at a young age. Over the course of his early career, he discovered a passion for the food, the kitchen brigade system, and great service. Roberts traveled the country, augmenting his training, honing his skill set, learning different regional cuisines, and developing a strong management style, ultimately earning a culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University and graduating at the top of his class.

In 2007, the young chef relocated to Buffalo as executive chef for an esteemed country club. He fell in love with WNY, its people, and its farms. During his time here, Roberts has been recognized for his remarkable mentoring and leadership skills, with dozens of his young staff members finding achievement locally and worldwide.

After twenty successful years in the industry, Roberts looks forward to the opportunity to fully realize all that he has worked for by opening Toutant. Here, his cooking abilities, culinary vision, and commitment to excellent service can be utilized to their potential. His love of the region and the city of Buffalo makes Toutant the ideal place for his lifelong goal to be realized.

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