James Kelley explores the death of leadership and the creative awakening

November 21, 8:30am - 10:00am +04. Hosted at Nest

part of a series on Death

About the speaker

Who is Dr. James Kelley? Well, his path is still being built brick by brick and the current brick is a book: The Crucible’s Gift: 5 lessons from authentic leaders who thrive in adversity. The book unpacks the journey a leader takes to become more authentic, starting with their crucible.    Against the laws of nature and human belief, in 2010, Dr. Kelley completed his Ph.D. in International Marketing at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia and ascended to higher education.

Currently, James, his wife Mary, and his four just outside of Dubai where he teaches, writes, and produces is bi-weekly podcast Executives After Hours. The podcast is predicated on interviewing executives about their personal journey. The shows motto, “I care about who you are, not what you do, because what you do defines who you are.”

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