It all starts with a simple line.

Jaber walks us through his passion for history and art in his own unique and infectious way. You may never look at the shapes around you in the same way.

About the speaker

By trying to find the missing link between his two passions, art and history, Jaber Alhaddad, an Emirati artist, found the type of art that matches his creativity .

“I have tried different type of art since I was able to hold a pencil with my hand. I was always searching for the type of art that match me. As a process and detailed-oriented person, the Islamic geometry was perfect match, especially after linking this art to especially the Islamic world history.”,

Jaber is obsessed with documenting the process of the Islamic geometric patterns and the history of these patterns, Through his work and the “Music of Sphere” collection displayed during Sikka Art Fair 2018, Jaber has been able to take audiences on a journey through time showcasing the patterns from different regions of the Islamic world and the process behind constructing these patterns.

“My message is very clear, Islamic Geometry as an art deserves more recognition, and it can be represented in very modern way, and this can not happen without understanding its roots and its core values.”

Expect the unexpected in this hands-on talk!

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