Who said we cannot see how sounds look like? With the singer-songwriter, fashion designer, lecturer and fine artist, we follow Grace Sahertian’s musical journey and visual diary of her first full-length album.

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“It is the loving heart gives without holding back, that awakes my soul and gets me to reach for more. That lyric becomes my mantra for whatever is going to happen in my future”. This marks the new beginning of Grace Sahertian. Based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, Sahertian is a natural born singer, song writer and musician with a viscous soul and jazz music influences inside her blood. The way she sings seems to have an endless strain of bright illumination. Instead of set melodies and structures to be rigidly adhered to, in Grace’s hands, they sound like living, breathing and growing entities of animated music. She sang with her heart by bringing the audience to be serene and giving an enormous vibe of huge glimpse of what she felt through her music. She has 2 sides of her musical representation, a soulful, chill, deep and gracious kind of music, and a groovy, upbeat, and passionate one, but both of them has one resemblance; they’re sincere, honest and down to earth.

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Selama empat tahun, saya merenungkan semuanya; ternyata memang saya nggak [untuk major label]. Saya memilih untuk berkarir independen tanpa campur tangan dari pihak lain, karena yang saya kejar adalah - jujur saja, bukan terkenal, harus sukses - kepuasan disaat kita bisa bikin sebuah karya. Itu priceless. — Grace Sahertian

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