We celebrated the Hidden Gems of Oslo with the best cocktail makers of the city to get a sneak peek of this unusual lab of creativity.

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Benjamin Lee. 36

I’ve worked in bars and clubs for ten years, focusing on cocktails for the last five to six of them. I started working in a bar because I was flat broke and without prospects. A friend of mine, who was booking for a club and cocktail bar, thought I’d be good behind a bar, and the rest is history. Places I’ve worked have been, Morgenstierne, St. Lars, Bristol Bar, Fisk og Vilt, Robinet, Hell’s Kitchen and some other places no one cares about anymore. At some point during these years I met Anders, but because there at the time was no law allowing same sex marriage, we have yet to wed. I have no hobbies, except refusing to grow up, getting drunk on occasion and eating well on occasion. I’ve just got my first tattoo. A tramp stamp of a crocodile, dancing and drinking Fernet Branca. I lost a bet.

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