Harry Mawardi

February 23, 9:00am - 11:00am WIB. Hosted at ITENAS

part of a series on Curiosity

About the speaker

Amygdala Bamboo is a line of nicely-designed products made of, well, bamboo. Since their founding in 2014, they’ve successfully sold their products nationally and internationally, and also won several awards on design and entrepreneurship. They work with what they call an Emphatic Design Approach: a belief that design is not merely about aesthetics, but also a powerful tool to create positive impacts on many lives—the designer themselves, the local craftsmen, their customers, and others. This brand is indeed remarkable—and it all began with Harry Mawardi’s curiosity.

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Curiosity is many things—a trait, a mindset, and a skill. To wonder about the things you don’t know and to actively fill those gaps with knowledge is to consciously enrich your life. It’s also the secret sauce for creativity. Curiosity silences ego and encourages us to ask why. By constantly asking why we keep the channel open, allowing inspiration, perspectives, and ideas to mold our work and ourselves. The more you practice being curious the more opportunities abound. Sometimes all it takes is tilting your head up and just marveling at this thing called life.

  • Please be advised : Event will be held at ITENAS, Gedung fakultas, 14301 gd 14