Hannah discusses creative problem solving that helps you move forward in the wake of an ending.

There are two kinds of endings: the kind we choose and those that are out of our control. And what happens in the wake of those endings is anything but passive. Hannah experienced the end of her marriage, the end of her beloved family business, and the end of a job through which she supported yourself - all within a very short time frame. Instead of crumbling, Hannah used this as an opportunity to be truly honest with herself, embrace possibility and forge a new path forward which has brought her to where she is today. But it didn’t happen overnight - Hannah got here by asking herself hard questions, making big decisions and being patient with herself.

About the speaker

Hi, hello. I’m Hannah Messinger and I never know how to answer the question “what do you do?” because I do and have done so many things within the food industry. Here is a short list of what I get to call accomplishments instead of career failures because I’m in my 30’s, not my 20’s: photojournalist, professional cake decorator, food blogger, recipe developer, director of production at a design firm, food photographer, restaurant group branding specialist, marketing department content creator, pop-up dinner series host/cook. My work has been featured in Food & Wine, Food 52, Edible Nashville, The Tennessean, Nashville Lifestyles, Native Magazine, and The Huffington Post, to name a few. I’ve styled a handful of cookbooks- most recently Rob Newton’s Seeking the South, which comes out in October of 2019.

These days I only claim the titles food stylist, writer, podcast host, professional people feeder. Above all else I am an evangelist for being an efficient cook. Every Monday since September of 2018 people have written in to me on Instagram about what odds & ends they have in their kitchen, then I tell them what I’d make. That’s how the Pantry Raid podcast was born, as a conversation between me and people struggling to cook what they have on hand without a recipe. It’s a conversation I hope to continue having in many forms for many years to come.

I call Nashville, TN home. I spend most of my time in my quiet suburban rancher with my geriatric dog and my bread-making partner.

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