Hana shares her pursuit of magic and how she got into the creative world of audio.

About the speaker

Hana Walker-Brown is an international award-winning documentary maker, composer, radio producer and journalist based in London and currently an executive producer at Audible.

Her work displays an exceptional range, enormous creativity and sensitivity and beautiful storytelling. Her content makes for uncomfortable, moving, thought-provoking listening: everything audio should be. A gifted story-teller and sound-smith; her productions use a range of subtle techniques, approaches and textures that always honour the subject matter, and her work is rooted in the best tradition of radio feature making but effortlessly incorporates the dynamism and new aesthetics of podcasting.

Through her work, she is a fearless and passionate advocate of audio as a powerful medium for any story in this visual age.

Hana is in the Radio Academy 30 under 30 list of people who have shown exceptional tenacity, talent and a proven trajectory to be the industry’s next generation of talent. An exceptional talent at the cutting edge of creative audio and storytelling.

Hana is also a mentor for the Sound Women Network, offering support and coaching to women who are starting out in radio and music industries.

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