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How many cantons are there in Switzerland? When did Geneva join the Confederation of Switzerland? Which Hollywood creature did Swiss artist Hans-Ruedi Giger design?

While studying for his Swiss citizenship exam a few years ago, Hadi Barkat decided to create a board game to help him remember the important facts and to test his knowledge about Switzerland. Not only Hadi did pass his exam successfully but he created a fun and social experience, now played by thousands of people in Switzerland.

Helvetiq was born and it combines play and content into fun and beautifully designed, inspiring games and books.

Hadi is the CEO and founder of Helvetiq. He now lives in Basel after having lived in Copenhagen, Boston, Lausanne and Algiers. He graduated from EPFL having done Computer Science and at the EPFL+UNIL-HEC he did Management of Technology. He worked for startup companies (Sportme, IP01, Cod-It) and a venture capital fund before founding Helvetiq.

Hadi is also a proud dad, a tennis fanatic and a novelist during whatever time is left.

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