How to be your best creative self

Gavin talks about his own creative journey that led him to publishing his first book by Do Lectures. And how we should work smarter not harder.

About the speaker

This month we have Gavin Strange joining us to help us celebrate this month’s theme - Love.

Senior designer at Bristol’s awesome Aardman Animations and going by the name of JamFactory by night, Gavin experiments with everything from film making, toy design, illustration and photography.

Co-founder of Strange with his wife Jane and author of the brilliant Do Fly, he’s well known for sharing his love for all things creative and reminding us that life is too short to stop trying to work on projects you’re passionate about. 

Join us at Amser in The Old Library in Cardiff city centre and feel the love.

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The most exciting thing about time is that actually, no matter who you are and what you do, we all have the same 24hrs and that’s never been any different, it will never be different. Me & Mozart are time buddies! — Gavin Strange

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