A poet’s thought-provoking journey culminates in a tour-de-force.

Historical perspective meets a current of creativity as homegrown poet Frank O’Neal interprets the topic of “Taboo.”

Passionate. Real. Get ready to be engaged – and to have a reaction.

About the speaker

Voice from the Wilderness here in the Heartland

Through his poetry, Frank O’Neal brings together the culmination of his many life experiences, friends and foes, different cultures and different times. As you read the words he has painted, you will peer into a view of the world that most people never see. He brings meaning to his observations and feelings, and demonstrates his keen sense of people, the environment, society, progress, success and failure, and a man’s place in the world.

2017 KPAO Cox 22 “Shut Up and Dance” TV Show – Commentary via surrealist poetry (Wed) 7PM

2016-17 Nebraska Arts Council proclaimed and exhibited a new class of poetry –Surrealist Poetry Video, a collaboration between O’Neal and filmmaker Jason Fischer for O’Neal’s poem “I Do Not Use The N Word” (Exhibit: Jan 6-Feb 15)

2013 One of the first men of color to be nominated sponsored and considered (1 of 14) for Poet of the State of Nebraska.

2010-2012 TOURING Performed on stages in Nebraska and California, sampling of venues below but includes many more: Da Poetry Lounge - Los Angeles, CA Beyond Barque Performing and Cultural Arts Center – Venice, CA Swamm – Englewood, CA

PUBLICATIONS Frank O’Neal Revealed (2015) Yalla (2013) Fireside Chats: A Surrealists View of the World, Vol 2 (2011) Fireside Chats: A Surrealist View of the World, Vol 1 (2010)

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