Erica Cope talks about finding balance and taking risks.

At the crux of hesitation and fearlessness, we find risk, but also the potential for innovation. Erica Cope speaks about this equilibrium and how through experience, comes peace from perceiving risks as manageable, worthwhile challenges.

About the speaker

Step into the studio and you might find Erica Cope developing an avant-garde dance routine, teaching an aerial silks class, or waiting for a piano to be tuned for an upcoming show. Erica is the founder of Buffalo Aerial Dance, which she launched in 2013 after searching for a place in Buffalo to continue her training from several years in Seattle.

Upon moving back from the west coast in 2011, Erica studied comparative literature at the University at Buffalo, earning her M.A. in 2013. Working as an adjunct English instructor and college test prep tutor allowed flexible scheduling to continue pursuit of her other passion: aerial dance. With encouragement from family, friends, and aerialists from her Seattle-days, Erica started Buffalo Aerial Dance. The company has rapidly grown from a handful of students to a full-blown aerial arts studio, offering over a dozen classes weekly and performing in major events, from Elmwood Avenue Festival for the Arts to City of Night. In addition to and complementing her aerial work, Erica is passionate about ballet and yoga, rounding out her expansive repertoire by staying active in both local communities.

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