Elton Koritari about MOMENTS

February 24, 9:30am - 11:00am CET. Hosted at Universiteti Metropolitan Tirana

part of a series on Moments

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EJAlbum founder and administrator, project manager and curator of art events, specially focused on photography, he works for years in the communications and represent in Albania some of the most important brands in that sector.

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All these years, I have made contact with photography from any angle possible. As a result, I have come to embrace the conviction that photography just appears to be born as a creation of the moment – produced and consumed instantly. Photography – even if only due to its instantaneous nature – picks one moment out of the stream of time and sends it to eternity. It can grasp the sense of time better than any other form of visual art, and this is a distinctive sign of our “liquid modernism”.

Stephen Hawking says that humanity is living in the most dangerous moment of its whole existence. In Albania, danger serves as a good source of jokes. Hawkins adds that in this moment, more than ever, humanity needs to work together. It is obvious that the coordinates of the moment make this difficult to happen globally, but at the same time make it indispensable for our daily micro-cosmos.

Let’s not forget that we live the most important and unforgettable moments of our lives just when we are our ourselves!