A discussion about the recent protests and photography. Black photographers discuss their creative process, challenges, and importance of telling these stories.

Listen to Devin Allen, Tom Cherry, Alyssa Pointer, Vanessa Charlot, and Chris Facey discuss their experience documenting the protests in Louisville, Baltimore, Atlanta, New York, and St. Louis.

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Hello. I think too that is a great discussion and amazing panel :)

Andrew Willie
Margeely 2017

Thanks for putting this talk together. I really appreciate all that these photographers are doing and am grateful to learn more about their personal experience to photography during this revolution. As Henri Cartier Bresson said " you can't be afraid to get it on you!" And this crew is right in the thick of it. My hats off to all of you! Be safe and please take care of yourselves!

Marge Royston

Great discussion and amazing panel. All of their stories and photographs hit me in the heart. Thank you all for sharing. I am absolutely a new follower of all their works.

Mercedes Salles