Raised on the West Coast of the US, I have spent most of my life moving to new neighborhoods. I find it easy to talk to new people and make connections although I like to spend more of my time outside, photographing nature, riding my mtn bike, or driving fast cars.

Communication, collaboration, and delegation. I enjoy reading people and matching their tone.

Nothing and everything. "I can do this, but WE could do it better."

"Keep taking the high road because more people will look up to you." and "You have the right to change your mind."

One of the people I most truly admire is Dr. Robert Biswas-Deiner, Happiness Psychologist. He travels around the world, studying humans and what makes them happy. He's also an amazing story teller who paints a great picture and includes a life lesson. One of the books he co-wrote; The Upside to Your Dark Side, aided in my quest for self discovery and self acceptance. Truly life changing.

Sensing peoples energy and gaining trust.

I'm a shoe in for any job involving customer service, preferably face-to-face, and does not involve making a commission.

All of the States in alphabetical order.

How to signal with blinkers when turning.