Denise Pinto

Hosted at Design Exchange

part of a series on Courage

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Denise is the Creative Director of Courage Co-Lab Inc., where she oversees design strategy and facilitation. She is a board member for MABELLEarts, a community-based arts practice which transforms public spaces, and a design lead for OpenIDEO’s Toronto’s chapter, a community of researchers, designers, consultants, and humans who use design thinking to create social impact.

Denise teaches Urban Studies at the University of Toronto, and frequently mentors students at the Institute Without Boundaries. In 2016 she was named a Vital Person by the Toronto Foundation for her years of work as Executive Director of the international Jane’s Walk project, connecting neighbours face-to-face in 226 cities worldwide. In her spare time, Denise hosts a weekly writer’s drop-in group which is mostly a way to keep her on track while she works on her debut novel, a project which is teaching her a lot about being brave.

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March’s theme, COURAGE, was chosen by our Oakland chapter Illustrated by Annie Wong