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David Ramos is the kind of person that improves our society day to day; a retired priest, passionate chef, and always a community activist. He has consistently ignited neighborhoods by turning on the stove and teaching people how to cook. Giving individuals the needed skills and confidence to succeed.

One of his biggest social impacts has been finding a way to provide Houston’s homeless community with a reliable warm meal. At Paper Co., inside Ecclesia, he asked that you pay what you can for a fresh gourmet meal that in return fed the most needed. You chose the price, he served the people.

Today, you can find David popping in and out of BLT’s “Better Luck Tomorrow” kitchen during their popular weekend brunches, hosting private dinners and families.

David’s superpower is his community activism. His personal mantra is simple, “To spread love where love is needed.” His personal time is spent with the “Boys Home for Troubled Kids”, being there for a friend that sleeps under a bridge, assisting the sex-trafficked and refugees, and hosting dinner benefits for both Harvey and Puerto Rico victims.

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