Proč si rádi hrajeme?

David František Wagner se zamýšlí nad tím, proč se lidé baví hraním. Příkladem uvádí LARP, kde zábava často stojí mnoho úsilí a nepohodlí.

About the speaker

David František Wagner is an author, active player and organizator of LARP games. He is one of founders of Rolling - Czech association organising live action role-playing games. Currently, he is working on his dissertation thesis dedicated to Czechoslovakian history of 20th century at Pedagogical Faculty at Charles University. His interest in history, philosophy and education has an important role in his work for Rolling and other activities. Apart from larp games, he cooperated with Post Bellum, Czech non-profit association collecting memories from contemporaries of important milestones of 20th century. In this association, he leads interactive workshops for students to get to know Czech history. He currently serves as Education Advisor to the Czech Pirate Party.

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