It’s all about creating connections not only with the living planet we reside upon but also with the individuals who make up our community because because that’s where we truly find our strength.

Preservation and Permaculture – Re-creating the garden of Eden and connecting ourselves with each other and with the planet. There are three principles that are really exciting to me about Permaculture: Care for the Earth, care for people and care for the future. If everything you do doesn’t fall in the center of that venn diagram, maybe you shouldn’t do it.

About the speaker

For Darin, community is everything.

While running for office and working in political advocacy and the field of urban agriculture, Darin Mann found that within this blend of influences in his past campaigning there emerged a need for building structures outside of political systems. Because of this disconnect, he’s built a career around economically empowering people to live regenerative and sustainable lives in harmony with the planet.

His current project for building community resilience, the “Village Cooperative”, will help localize our economy and give people a say in how they feed their community within local neighborhoods such as Rose Park. He is currently involved with the GREEN URBAN LUNCHBOX program to provide food for people through responsible urban agriculture and fruit tree gleaning, and SLC AIR PROTECTORS.

His longtime passion for community outreach also includes experience with; mentoring foster children with RISE, and inner city kids with STATE STREET BOXING, organizing and building coalitions with citizen advocates, farmers, environmental activists, as well as conservative groups to protect the Bear and Colorado Rivers with the UTAH RIVERS COUNCIL, and promoting finance reform on the 2016 Bernie Sanders Campaign.

As a local activist and community leader his focus is on working for a cleaner healthier environment and to promote building a sustainable environment for our future generations because now is the time to make this a reality for our people and our planet. By helping engage every corner of Utah to raise their voice, we can join him in the discussion of how to build a better and greener future.

These are values that inspire him and make him feel alive.

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