I’ve spent the last 15 years working in all facets of the digital world, from development and production to overseeing intl support, moderation and community teams. I am also considered an expert in digital engagement and, as such, a long-time champion for online privacy and safety.

Kids, TV, Food, Wine/Alcohol, Math, Chicago, Travel. WORKWISE: Audience management & engagement. Internet safety for kids and families. Operational effectiveness, productivity and efficiency workflows. Team Building.

Leisure - you know, the way normals do it. I like working on stuff.

You are always on.

Step mothers. All of them. I have had 2, I am one now. Not one has had the same experience, yet we all have the same anxieties. Step moms are unseen warriors.

Seeing how systems can work better - especially when it involves connecting people to each other.

I really want to run a food truck someday. And a wine bar. Maybe simultaneously...?

Family recipes

How you can see beauty in everything, even boring things most people have disdain for.