Dogs smell fear and children smell an educational game even if it’s camouflaged with sugar plum fairies.

Despite their comparatively dulled senses parents can, if not in full consumer zombie mode, suss out a children’s site pretending to promote wholesome values when its blackened soul is really all about point and click addiction. Daniel addresses these points while talking about his new work-in-progress children’s website/app StickStar and how these kind of projects can help to avoid falling into the pit of eternal advertising irrelevance.

About the speaker

Born into the chain store despair of the great white people’s hatching ground called Long Island, Daniel Trattler escaped at his first chance and moved to big city New York and Chicago. He studied math, created performance art, did scientific experiments and made art zines before moving to Berlin in 1993. Wanting to start fresh he started working as a graphic designer and in 2000 he co-founded the agency eobiont together with Claudia Groetschel. He also teaches at the Design Academy and the University of Applied Sciences.

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Why do we happen to keep making these changes? There are so many changes and we're constantly rethinking about this. And there's a really simple reason for that: Because we don't know what we are doing. — Daniel Trattler

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