How will the technological singularity change our world?

Cambrian Explosion of robotic life might be a real possibility. If the technological singularity happens, it will force us to restructure our world and the societies we have built our lives on. In the CreativeMornings/Helsinki May talk Cristina Andersson discussed about the possibilities and threats of robotization, and how it will force us to rethink how our societies work.

About the speaker

If you thought ROBOT was simply a body popping dance craze with guys in bright shell suits from the early 80’s, think again my friend. This is ROBOT 2015! We are talking real robots …. and they are everywhere.

Educator, consultant, author and lobbyist Cristina Andersson will join us for this months CreativeMornings to push our understanding beyond the paper thin fears of Skynet and self replicating internet-connected fridges and put the issue into the real world. There are huge ethical and social issues involved, all of which require a very human approach to navigate us towards a manageable future and Cristina’s new ‘Robot Island’ in Helsinki sounds like an exhilarating beginning.

There is no one more qualified than Cristina to explain the depth and scale of this tech revolution and reveal how Finland is paddling hard to reach the crest of a huge development wave that others are already riding strongly. Exciting times indeed! Extra coffee refills for the best ROBOT dance moves at this months talk at CreativeMornings/Helsinki. Spread the word.

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