Clayton Barker on making a career out of a love of water

March 20, 8:15am - 10:00am +04. Hosted at NEST co-working space

part of a series on Water

About the speaker

Clayton has been in the UAE for 8 years and worked at all of the large waterparks in the region.

For as long as he can remember Clayton has been involved in the leisure entertainment industry.

A photographer by training he got his start in the waterpark industry at the WaveHouse in South Africa as a flowrider instructor. In 2011 he won his 1st World Flowrider Championship repeating this again in 2014 and 2015 retiring from the sport in 2016 with an epic 2nd place in the world championships in Abu Dhabi.

Clayton is currently the operations manager of the Laguna Waterpark where his mandate is to oversee growth. Water is his passion and creative ways of selling this medium is his latest adventure.

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We are starting the extravaganza at 8:15, get your coffee, breakfast cake and meet your friends at the NEST. Lots of free parking and spend the day after CM!